Meditation + Sauna = Next Level Zen! Our guide to the benefits of combining these complementary therapies for a big boost of relaxation, energy and focus 

By Jessica Collins for Heat Healer

So… you may have tried heat therapy once or twice - using a traditional or Infrared sauna? Or perhaps you’re already a committed convert? (Good for you!) Well here’s another way to boost your sauna experience and reach a whole new level of Zen! A wave of new wellness studios world-wide have begun to offer guided meditation and yoga in combination with Infrared heat therapy, such as global franchise Hotworx and Canada-based Inward. We share the top 3 reasons to give this practice a try…  

1. A sauna offers the ultimate environment for mediation, especially for beginners
 Meditation is easier when you’re comfortable and free from distractions. This is why saunas work so well. The heat supports your muscles to relax and helps move your thoughts away from your body. The additional benefit of a personal Infrared sauna blanket is that you aren’t breathing in hot air (your head being outside the sauna) and this makes it easier to focus on maintaining natural and rhythmic breathing, a key approach to meditation.

2. The benefits of mediation and sauna go hand-in-hand
Heat therapy signals to our brains to release feel good chemicals including serotonin, endorphins and dopamine; while meditation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, causing our body to press pause on the release of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine (aka adrenaline). This double whammy effect could help promote an even greater feeling of calm, focus and peace.

In addition, heat therapy has been shown to have a positive impact on cardiovascular health and circulation, and meditation can help to lower blood pressure and increase oxygen consumption. Together these effects can help to boost energy levels and bring about better quality sleep.

3. Combining meditation and sauna is an incredible (and efficient!) way to kickstart your day
Beginning a day with either meditation OR sauna is an excellent way to start the day right (and tick off the all-important ‘self-care’ nice and early). However, starting the day with BOTH meditation and sauna will ensure you have done everything you can to maintain maximum mental resilience and gratitude. By committing to a regular morning practice of meditation and sauna you can easily add both these body boosting activities into your daily wellness routine and reap the rewards of consistent practice.

Top tips to get started:
- Try to practice mediation and sauna at the same time each day to help form the habit Beginners can try a guided meditation to help to focus as well as keep track of time.
- Allow thoughts and feelings (including any discomfort) to come and go.
- Make sure no one in your household will interrupt your blissful state of flow!