Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage Tool

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Reduce puffiness, bloating, and stress with the Heat Healer Lymphatic Drainage Tool. This premium self-care accessory is handcrafted from Sibin Bian Stone, offering unrivaled luxury and quality. Ideal for use before your sauna session, or any time you want to unwind.

  • Reduces puffiness, bloating, and stress.
  • Ideal for enhancing your pre-sauna routine.
  • Supports local circulation.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Alleviates muscle tension.
  • Enhances the flow of qi (life force).
  • Provides a comprehensive lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Offers versatile hot and cold therapy options.
  • Handcrafted and polished from Sibin Bian stone.
  • Precision-cut with six custom-shaped edges.
  • Hand-polished to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Conducts temperature for hot and cold massage therapy (just run under either hot or cold water).

Reduce puffiness, bloating, and stress with the Heat Healer Lymphatic Drainage Tool, the ultimate self-care accessory. Handcrafted from premium Sibin Bian stone, this gua sha tool features six custom-shaped edges, precision-cut and hand-polished to contour perfectly to every part of your body.

Ideal for your pre-sauna routine (or any time you want to unwind), simply run the tool under hot or cold water to enhance its lymphatic drainage effect. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Sibin Bian stone has been revered for thousands of years for its therapeutic properties, believed to clear energy blockages and enhance the flow of qi (life force).

Using our gua sha tool can boost circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and alleviate muscle tension. Its ability to conduct temperature makes it perfect for both hot and cold massage therapy, offering a versatile and luxurious therapeutic experience.

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  • CALF: Stroke ankle to knee.
  • HAMSTRING: Stroke knee to glute.
  • INNER THIGH: Stroke knee to groin.
  • OUTER THIGH: Stroke knee to hip.
  • TORSO: Stroke downward from heart to hip and down the side of your hip.
  • FOREARM: Stroke wrist to elbow.
  • BICEP AND TRICEP: Stroke elbow to shoulder.
  • NECK: Stroke collarbone to chin.