Postpartum Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Postpartum Benefits of Infrared Sauna

A reminder to roll out your Heat Healer: six surprising postpartum benefits




Disclosure: we recommend new moms follow a doctor’s advice on when is the right time to introduce any new activity, including sauna, into their routine after giving birth. Sauna is never recommended for those who are pregnant.


When a tiny new human arrives in your household you may wonder if you will ever again truly relax! Trust us, it will be many times more difficult to carve out essential ‘me-time’ for mom (or dad) but here are six reasons why the Heat Healer Infrared sauna could be the key to getting back to yourself and adjusting to this new life stage.

1. Create time and space for mom (or dad!)

The feeling that there is someone who needs you every moment of the day can be beautiful, but also overwhelming and exhausting. Every parent needs time to rest and recharge so they can ‘show up’ for their family. If you can carve out just 15, 30 or 60 minutes for yourself at home, find a quiet space to roll out your sauna, then meditate, watch TV, or just stare at the wall in silence (these all work equally well!)

2. Manage mood and stress

When exposed to intense heat, as in a sauna, our bodies produce endorphins similar to when we exercise. This helps our muscles relax, can relieve stress and anxiety, and mellow out mood. An initial spike in the stress hormone cortisol is followed by a sharp drop that sets a baseline lower than when you entered the sauna. This equals total relaxation and enhanced ability to deal with parental pressures. 

3. Shed excess fluid and water weight

Swollen hands and feet is a pesky postpartum experience for many women. The infrared sauna may help shed excess water weight by supporting the body’s natural elimination processes and increasing circulation (read on for even more benefits to increasing circulation).


4. Increase circulation (and milk production)

Increased circulation, blood supply, and vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels that helps blood flow to the surface of the skin, including the breasts) will happen during a sauna and can support lactation and milk supply. 

5. Reduce fatigue and pain

You may feel you never knew the true meaning of tiredness until your noisy little bundle arrived earth side. Many Infrared sauna users consistently report a reduction in pain and a boost of energy to be immediate post-sauna benefits. Did we mention that sauna can also help improve the quality of your sleep? (OK, sorry, we won’t mention sleep!)

6. Burn calories and kick start your metabolism

Infrared sauna causes your heart rate to increase, and as a result, can burn as much as 600 calories in one 60-minute session. This is sometimes called ‘passive cardio’ and shares many of the benefits of cardio activity (but you get to lie down!)

Remember to follow your doctor’s advice about when is the right time to reintroduce or start sauna in your routine. Listen to your body (it’s achieved so much already) and start with short, gentle sessions and work up to where you want to be. 

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