Spring Clean your wellness routine!

Spring Clean your wellness routine!

Spring Clean your wellness routine!




Spring is here! But this year, instead of buying up industrial cleaning supplies and emptying cupboards - (we do NOT want to know what’s in there!) - we’re going to spring clean our wellness routine. So what exactly does this mean? 

The psychology behind ‘spring cleaning’ focuses on the fact that decluttering, organizing, and cleaning can help reduce stress, and has been linked to improved mood and creativity. 

The start of a new season is also a neat ‘temporal landmark’ you can take advantage of to reset and re-evaluate your goals (for more, check out our piece on how to harness the Fresh Start Effect).

However, it’s entirely up to you to choose which area of your life needs decluttering and organizing the most. At Heat Healer we’re taking the time to review and refresh our wellness routine, including resetting good daily habits for the warmer weather. 

Here’s what we’ll be focused on this month…


First, we’ll focus on decluttering the mind with an episode from one of our favourite podcasters (and cognitive neuroscientist), Dr Caroline Leaf. Spending time ‘cleaning up the mental mess’ is an important first step to a routine reset. Bonus points for creating a clear and clutter-free vision board to help focus on big life goals. 

Next we’ll take a moment to visit our sacred sauna space and do a literal declutter - farewell, used-up candle, broken headphones and half-dead pot plant! Now to make it beautiful…


Setting up a stunning, yet functional, sauna grab and go system is a great way to streamline (and stick to) your daily sauna or wellness routine. Ours will include a few rolled and ready waffle sauna inserts, our gua sha body paddle and a luxe body oil to bring the spa vibes. Take extra inspo from the professionals over at The Home Edit.

We’ll also be organizing our time, including setting new, intentional daily habits. For example, with the warmer weather, we’ll introduce a daily outdoor activity - a workout, or perhaps a short morning walk in nature - which helps with both mood and fitness. 

Committing to a daily 15-minute post-workout wind down with Heat Healer’s Body Belt will help relax body and mind, while simultaneously increasing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and promoting faster recovery (so we can back it up the next day!)


Whilst our personal Infrared sauna blankets and Body Belt are easily kept hygienic with a quick wipe down after each session, you can signal squeaky clean to your senses every now and then by diluting a few drops of your favourite essential oil in water and using this to wipe your sauna down. When warming up for your next session you’ll notice the subtle scent rising up from your blanket, begging you to lie back and relax….

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