The health 'gurus' influencing men to live longer, stronger and healthier lives.




Since the pandemic the men’s health and wellness market has grown significantly - with more men investing in their own wellbeing than ever before. And this goes far beyond just traditional exercise and fitness. Men are increasingly focused on overall wellbeing, including mental health, resilience, diet, sleep, recovery and more.


We take a look at some of the most popular modern ‘gurus’ driving men to make positive lifestyle changes in service of living longer, stronger and healthier lives.


Wim Hof @iceman_hof (3.1 million followers)

Wim Hof, aka the Iceman, has for years been telling us about the importance of daily cold therapy (ice baths!) and breathwork to help keep our bodies strong and minds sharp. The extraordinary physical challenges he has completed - including hiking through snow without a shirt or shoes - have gained him a cult-like following across the world. He and his army of representatives teach the Wim Hof Method which promises to reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and elevate mood.

How to work this into your personal Heat Healer routine: try an ice-cold shower straight after a Sauna Blanket session to reap the rewards of heat and cold therapies combined.


Joe Rogan @joerogan (16.8 million followers)

This at-times controversial host of The Joe Rogan Experience is downloaded over 30 million times each month. On the podcast he interviews a broad range of guests including comedians, actors, athletes, artists and more. It can’t be denied that when Joe speaks, people listen - and Joe often talks about the benefits he has experienced through his personal health practice, which includes daily sauna. Joe describes regular sauna use as a “game changer” and uses it to support recovery from exercise and boost his immune system. Joe loves to discuss Heat Shock Proteins (also one of our favorite topics!) with experts like Dr Rhonda Patrick.

How to work this into your personal Heat Healer routine: for experienced sauna users, up to 60-minutes on the highest heat setting of your Infrared Sauna Blanket is a sure way to get those Heat Shock Proteins firing.


Andrew Huberman @hubermanlab (3.6 million followers)

Neuroscientist and professor Andrew Huberman actively researches and discusses a wide variety of health and wellness topics, including the role our brains play in sleep, aging, motivation, meditation, creativity and more. On the Huberman Lab podcast he has regularly discussed the benefits of heat exposure in assisting mood, hormone levels, athletic performance and recovery. We love that Andrew’s views are firmly grounded in scientific research, a lot of which he undertakes at the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford School of Medicine. 

How to work this into your personal Heat Healer routine: conduct your own research (on yourself) to find what works - track your stats using a smartwatch or Whoop strap.


Joe Wicks @thebodycoach (4.6 million followers)

UK-based fitness coach, TV presenter and author, Joe Wicks, has helped bring a love of health and fitness to millions, including British children during the pandemic in 2020. In 2021 he delighted his social media followers with a video tour showing off his home sauna and ice bath setup, which he said was to help with recovery as well as elevating his mindset. 

How to work this into your personal Heat Healer routine: design your own wellness and recovery space to make your daily routine a breeze - a recovery station featuring our Lymphatic Drainage Paddle and Body Belt can really help with the wind down.


At Heat Healer we’re here for the trend towards devoting more time to looking after our bodies and minds (of any gender identity!), as well as the increased demand for science to support health claims