To attach the replacement zipper to your Heat Healer Sauna Blanket, please follow these steps below.

Step One: Connect the bottom of the zipper

  • At the bottom of the blanket, connect together the bottom pin of the zipper with the bottom retainer box, as shown below.


Step Two: Position the new zipper 

  • With the zipper loose, position it directly over the top of the pin and the retainer box.
  • With the zipper in position, tighten the knob all the way, so that the zipper closes and grabs tightly on to the teeth of the zipper.


Step Three: Use the zipper as per usual and make adjustments

  • With the zipper in place, you can now close/open the zipper as per usual.
  • The tighter you have twisted the knob, the tighter the zipper will be and the more it will grip the teeth.
  • You can adjust the tightness of the zipper by either tightening or loosening the knob.