Please read these instructions carefully to ensure you have the best experience possible with your Heat Healer Energy Sauna.

Make sure to also thoroughly read our health and safety precautions here, and do not use the Energy Sauna if you have a pacemaker or any other type of medically implanted device for delivering medicine to the body.

If you have any other pre-existing medical conditions, always seek professional medical guidance first, before using the Energy Sauna.

Setting Up The Energy Sauna

Part One: Where To Use Your Energy Sauna

  • The Energy Sauna is designed to be semi-portable, meaning that you will have the best experience if you pick a dedicated room to use the Energy Sauna in.
  • When the Energy Sauna is not in use, you can keep it packed away against a wall of the room, as it has been designed to blend in with your furniture and only occupies minimal space.
  • When you want to use the Energy Sauna, setting it up will take less than 3-minutes and then packing it away will also take less than 3-minutes.
Packed Away

Part Two: Moving Your Energy Sauna Into Your Dedicated Room

  • Upon delivery, we recommend having two people move the Energy Sauna into the room where you are going to use it and help unpack it.
  • If you do not have someone available to help you, then you should use a small hand trolly to move the Energy Sauna into your house and into the room.
  • The total weight of the carton, with all the components of the Energy Sauna inside, weighs 40kg (88lbs).
  • The individual components on their own are much lighter, and can  be moved easily by a single person, meaning that an individual can set up and pack away the Energy Sauna with ease for each sauna session.
  • The PEMF mat weighs 18kg (39lbs), the upper dome weighs 11kg (24lbs), the lower dome weighs 9kg (20lbs) and the controller weighs 1.5kg (3lbs).


Part Three: Unpacking Your Energy Sauna

  • To understand the best method for unpacking the Energy Sauna from the shipping carton, watch the video below in full.

    IMPORTANT: The handles on the black case are only to help maneuver the Energy Sauna into place. Do not try to lift or carry the Energy Sauna by these handles, as they are not designed to support the total weight. 
    IMPORTANT: When removing the padding from the sauna, use scissors and be careful to only cut the tape/padding and do not cut into the sauna itself.


    Part Four: What Comes With Your Energy Sauna

    Your Energy Sauna comes with the following items:

    • A PEMF mat with 55 pockets filled with crystals (tourmaline and quartz) as well as negative ion beads.
    • An upper dome.
    • A lower dome.
    • A waterproof head pillow.
    • A curtain for trapping in heat within the sauna.
    • A controller.
    • A power cable.
    • Cables connecting the controller to the domes.
    • A carry bag for the PEMF mat.
    • A black case for storage of the domes.
    • A plastic vial with a metal bead, for testing the PEMF.

    As well as the above, your purchase also comes with a specially designed cover for the PEMF mat. The cover is designed to absorb any sweat and keep your PEMF mat clean throughout your sauna session.

    This cover will be shipped to you separately and you will be sent separate tracking for the delivery.


    Part Five: Connecting Your Energy Sauna Together

    Note: Depending on your preference, you may wish to place small cushions or a pillow under the mat cover (and on the PEMF mat) if you feel more comfortable being propped up with something soft, rather than lying completely flat.

    • Take the PEMF mat out of its bag and lay it on the floor where you want to set up your sauna.
    • With the PEMF mat laid out, use the mat cover to cover the mat entirely.
    • Position the lower dome at the base of the mat and then position the upper dome at the top of the mat (where the Heat Healer logo is on the mat).
    • Using the labelled cables, connect them to the controller and also to the PEMF mat and each of the domes (M= Mat, U = Upper Dome and L = Lower Dome).
    • Connect the power cable to the controller.


    IMPORTANT: Make sure all cables are connected between the controller and the domes/mat before turning the power on. 


    Part Six: Setting The Timer, Temperature and Red Light

    • Flick the master power switch at the back of the controller, then press the red power button on the front of the controller.
    • Set the timer up to 60-minutes in duration. The Energy Sauna will turn off automatically once the timer hits zero.
    • Set the temperature of the domes up to 90c (194f) and the temperature of the mat up to 80c (176f).
    Please note that temperature is set in Celsius. A temperature chart with the conversions is under the video below.
    • We recommend starting out at 70c for both the domes and the mat if you are new to using a sauna. You can then adjust the temperature up or down as you like.
    • Turn on the Red LED Light by pressing the 660nm button on the controller.


    Temperature Conversion From Celsius to Fahrenheit

    The temperature settings for the Energy Sauna are in Celsius. The heaters in the domes can be set up to 90c (194f) and the mat up to 80c (176f).

    As the Energy Sauna uses Far Infrared Heat, the intent is to heat your body directly, not the air around your body.

    With the heaters set to their maximum temperature, this will typically translate to an air temperature inside the Energy Sauna of 66c (150f), which is hotter than a typical cabin infrared sauna.

    • 90c = 194f
    • 80c = 176f
    • 70c =  158f
    • 60c = 140f
    • 50c = 122f 
    • 40c = 104f
    Pre-Heating The Energy Sauna

    Just like a cabin sauna, the Energy Sauna will take time to heat up.

    We recommend allowing it to pre-heat for around 20 minutes before you get into the sauna. The longer you pre-heat for, the hotter your sauna will become.


    Part Seven: Setting The PEMF Function

    • To turn on the PEMF and set your desired frequency, press the PEMF button on the controller.
    • The PEMF frequency can be set between 1Hz to 30Hz.
    • The default frequency is 15Hz and this is suitable for all people. 
    • Whilst all frequencies within the range of 1Hz to 30Hz will stimulate your mitochondria and are within the Earth's natural frequency range, there are subtle differences between the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies in this range.

    1Hz to 10Hz - Best for relaxation and stress relief.
    11Hz to 20Hz - Best for muscle and body recovery.
    21Hz to 30Hz - Best to boost energy and help with mental clarity.

    • Inside the PEMF mat, there are four PEMF emitters. 
    • You can test the PEMF by placing the plastic vial with the metal bead directly on top of one of the emitters and you will see the bead bounce in the vial.
    • The Higher frequencies will make the bead bounce more, whilst the lower frequencies will make the bead bounce less.

    PLEASE NOTE: The metal bead will only bounce when the plastic vial is placed directly on top of a PEMF emitter. As you move the vial further away from the emitter, the bead will stop bouncing.

    This does not mean the PEMF isn't working. The PEMF will still be sending magnetic energy for up to 20" away from each emitter and your body is still receiving the benefit.

    It is just that the energy is only strong enough to make the bead bounce when placed directly on top of the emitter, and the purpose of the plastic vial is purely as a diagnostic test.



    Part Eight: Attaching The Curtain

    • Attaching the curtain is optional. You can just as easily trap in the heat within the Energy Sauna by placing a large towel over the opening, and may people do prefer this as it makes it easy to wipe sweat away from your face.

    • If you do want to attach the curtain, simply attach it with the Velcro seal on the inside lip of the sauna dome.


    Part Nine: Entering The Sauna

    Note: With the mat cover on top of the PEMF mat, there is no need to wear any additional clothing, unless you want to. Any sweat will be absorbed into the mat cover.

    • Once you have allowed the Energy Sauna to pre-heat and you are ready to start your session, simply slide the upper dome downwards and climb into the sauna.

    • Pull the dome back up over your body, and enjoy your sauna session.

    • Use your time in the Energy Sauna to relax. Listen to a podcast, music, practice breathwork, meditate or whatever else it is that relaxes you. Your time in the Energy Sauna is focused solely on you, as your body and mind is rejuvenated.


    Part Ten: Packing The Energy Sauna Away

    IMPORTANT: You should always flick off the master power switch at the back of the controller and disconnect the Energy Sauna from the power socket when not in use. Never leave the Energy Sauna connect up when unattended, especially in the presence of children or pets.

    • To pack away the Energy Sauna, simply disconnect the cables and then stand the two domes upright.
    • Each dome is light enough for an individual person to carry, and the they can be stored against the wall of your room.
    • The PEMF mat can be folded up and placed back in its protective bag. 



    Part Eleven: Washing The Mat Cover

    • The PEMF mat cover is made from 100% dye free cotton and can be both machine washed and dried on a low heat.