What exactly is 'practice-stacking'? A day in the life of Heat Healer Founder Lauren Dovey.




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#Practicestacking is having a moment on Tik Tok right now (and we think it’s about time!) 


Popularized by mental fitness guru and podcaster, Marc Champagne, practice-stacking takes the familiar technology concept of the ‘tech stack’, or combination of technologies used to run a project, and applies it to health.


In short, it describes how we can combine our mental health and wellbeing tools to get more out of our day, and create a unique and personalized routine that works for us.


As a business owner, a mom of three, and someone heavily invested in her health and wellbeing journey, Lauren Dovey knows first hand how practice-stacking can help with the daily juggle.


We asked Lauren to share what a ‘typical’ day would look like for her…

“First of all, I want to stress that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day in my world - every day is different (Sick kids! Shifting business priorities! Changing hormones and moods!) Above all, I believe in being kind to myself and flexible with my routine.


This is why I love to stack different practices, depending on what is going on around me. An example of a day in my world might be:

  • Upon waking (and before the kids are up) I like to start with a workout - this may be a gentle walk down to Bondi Beach while listening to a podcast, yoga or stretching, or cardio, depending on my energy levels.
  • I’ll follow this up witha sauna for muscle recovery and to clear my mind. I like to meditate or focus on some manifestation whilst I’m in the sauna as this is good for brain health and a nice way to start a working day. 
  • My husband will typically get the girls ready for school and I will drop them off, then our work day begins. We are lucky to work from home together which really cuts down on the commute!
  • For lunch right now I’m focusing on hydration - not only by upping my water intake, but also trying to eat foods which contain plenty of water. These include lots of fruits like melons, strawberries and pineapple, as well as vegetables like celery, cucumber and bell peppers. Here’s arecipeI’m loving right now.
  • I pick the girls up from school and we generally have an activity to go to - dance, soccer or swimming. 
  • As sunset approaches I find myself drawn to meditation;Sandhya kala, or ‘transition time’, is how it’s referred to in Sanskrit. As the flow of energy in our bodies changes (and the neurotransmitters that drive our circadian rhythms begin to kick in) it’s a good time to meditate - but it often coincides with dinner time! Luckily I find cooking itself a meditative process and I like to chop vegetables whilst listening to gentle music or a guided meditation to enhance this effect.
  • After dinner I switch off most lights in the house to support the body's natural wind-down. If I’m feeling any aches and pains I will use myBody Belt to reduce inflammation in that particular area. 
  • My night-time non-negotiable is a calming chamomile tea (great for the nervous system), a short reflection on what I have achieved that day, and writing my ‘to-do list’ for the next day. This helps me get to sleep easier and stops me from waking at 3am worried about what I need to get done the following morning!


Lauren isn’t the only busy mama who loves to stack her practices. Miranda Kerr - model, mom, business owner (and Heat Healer convert!) has also given a glimpse into her daily routine ina recent interview with the Dream Bigger podcast (skip to the 41 minute mark if you want to hear how Miranda likes to use her Heat Healer personal sauna blanket!)