Heat Healers Hottest Gifts

Heat Healers Hottest Gifts

Our guide to great gifts for the people you (really!) love this holiday season.



Our Body Belt - Infrared Heating Pad, was Kim Kardashian’s pick to gift to her closest friends and family in this year’s Poosh Kardashian Jenner Holiday Gift Guide. Kim said “working out is a big part of my self-care routine, and this infrared heat belt is amazing at calming my muscles. I also like how it’s compact and easy to wear when I’m at home.” (We agree!)

But before you hit ‘add to cart’, we thought we’d share a few of the other Heat Healer technologies that are great for gifting to those in your life who are committed to living longer, healthier, and more relaxed lives.

Check out our handy gifting guide below, and enjoy!

For the health and fitness fanatic: our Body Belt.

What can’t our Triple Threat Technology™ do?! From helping fight stubborn fat and boosting metabolism to reducing pain and inflammation caused by injury, this targeted tool brings Infrared heat, Red Light Therapy and PEMF to the party. Tell your loved one that PEMF (or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) technology has been used by NASA to keep astronauts healthy, has the potential to heal bones, and is Kimmy K approved. You’re welcome!


For the friend who loves a new year detox: our Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage tool.

Our Sibin Bian stone body paddle is the perfect tool to de-puff, de-bloat and de-stress - plus, it won’t take up too much room under the tree! This sacred healing stone has been carefully cut and polished to make six shapes to fit every body, for a full lymphatic drainage massage. Yes, please!


For the clean-freak: our cotton waffle sauna blanket insert.

Specially designed to fit snugly inside our Infrared sauna blankets, our ultra-plush towel inserts will absorb all that glorious sweat and make cleaning your sauna blanket a breeze. Simply chuck ‘em in the wash after each use and not only will your loved one feel fresh and clean but they’ll also get a serious dose of luxury spa resort vibes.


For the person you love most: our OG Infrared sauna blanket.

To treat someone super special (or perhaps this is in fact you!) roll out the red carpet and hand over our original (and still the best) Infrared sauna blanket. Not only are you gifting one advanced piece of wellness tech, but you are giving space to relax, time to switch off, and permission to focus on self-care. This is why Kourtney Kardashian Barker chose to gift our sauna blanket to her family and friends in 2021!

We hope that whatever you celebrate at this time of year, you’re doing it with your loved ones and taking a moment to slow down and appreciate all that is special in your life.

Wishing everyone a season's greetings!

Love The Heat Healer Team X

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