How to Sweat? Heat Healer's Hottest Tips

How to Sweat? Heat Healer's Hottest Tips

How can I sweat more? Hot tips for getting the most out of sauna sessions.



Did you know everyone sweats differently? For some all it takes is a brisk walk up the road, while others can brave tropical temperatures without so much as a drop of perspiration. 


The rate we sweat can be affected by: body size, age, muscle mass and fitness level, hormone fluctuations and even some medications.


But when the entire goal is to raise your core body temperature and get nice and sweaty (which is essentially the point of saunas), are there things we can do to promote more moisture? The answer is yes!


Here are Heat Healer’s tried and tested tips for bringing on a good sweat:


  1. Firstly, relax! Get nice and comfortable and try some calm, deep breathing to make sure you’re ready to get your sweat on.
  2. Open those pores. It can help to take a warm shower - or even better - do some light cardio for 5-10 minutes, before a sauna. This will activate the sweat glands, open pores, and get your blood pumping.
  3. Take time for tea. A hot tea before a sauna also works to speed up the body’s sweat response, and can also help with essential pre-sauna hydration (see below!)
  4. Hydration, hydration, hydration! If we’re not hydrated when we go into the sauna our body isn’t going to have much moisture on hand to sweat out. Drink plenty of water - you can even add a pinch of sea salt to boost hydration and increase electrolytes. 
  5. Cosy on up. Try wrapping a towel around your shoulders when in Heat Healer’s personal infrared sauna blanket as this ‘traps’ the hot air inside and helps raise core body temperature quicker.
  6. Use the sauna more to become “sauna fit”. There is evidence people who use saunas regularly find they sweat faster with each session. This is the body becoming quicker to recognise ‘sauna time’ and kick-starting the natural process of sweating.

The good news is there are plenty of rewards to reap even when using infrared heat at lower temperatures - like muscle relaxation and pain relief - so don’t sweat it if you’re not sweating much!

But if your Heat Healer sauna blanket doesn’t feel warm enough for your liking, we recommend trying a few quick trouble-shooting tips.

Check you’ve set your Heat Healer up correctly to reach the maximum temperature.

  1. Ensure your controller is firmly connected to the blanket.  
  2. The maximum temperature is 80c (174f-176f). To get the most heat, make sure to set the temperature to this maximum.
  3. Use the Heat Healer in a room with a normal ambient room temperature of 18c-23c (65f-75f). Using it in a very cold room will take longer to heat up.
  4. Make sure the Heat Healer is plugged directly into the wall power socket (not an extension cable or adapter).
  5. Use the Heat Healer on an insulated surface (like a bed, rug or carpet). This makes sure heat doesn’t escape into the floor or dissipate through the room.
  6. Preheating is essential. Just like an ordinary sauna, the Heat Healer takes time to warm up. Pre-heat for a minimum of 15 minutes, but - the longer the better.
  7. Access the Heat Healer from the top and wriggle your way down (see our video on 'How to Use'). This makes sure you don't let the heat out when getting in!

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